Indonesia Secures Victory in Fullball International Match Against Taiwan

New Taipei City, May 12, 2024 – In a historic first international fullball match, Indonesia emerged victorious against Taiwan with a close score of 22-18. The match, held at Tamkang University, marked a significant milestone for fullball, an innovative new sport originating from Indonesia. The event showcased not only the competitive spirit of both teams but also the growing popularity of fullball on the international stage.

Fullball is a dynamic and fast-paced sport that combines elements of soccer, basketball, and handball. Teams score points by getting the ball into the opponent’s goal or hitting a target placed in the center of the goal. The point system is as follows: 1 point for a hit-one (hitting the target by throwing from within the hand zone), 2 points for a hit-two (hitting the target by throwing from outside the hand zone), 2 points for a goal (kicking the ball into the goal from outside the hand zone), and 4 points for a fullball point (hitting the target by kicking the ball from outside the hand zone), the highest score in the game. This combination of skills and strategies makes fullball an exciting and engaging sport for players and spectators alike.

In this exhibition match, Indonesia’s star player Davi, the MVP of Major Tournament vol 1 in Indonesia, led his team to victory by scoring 8 points through 4 goals. He was well-supported by Justin Muljana, who added 6 points, Kevin Eugene with 4 points, Justin Jovancus with 3 points, and Davin contributing 1 point. Taiwan put up a formidable fight, with their key player James Qi scoring 8 points through 2 hit-twos and 2 goals. Despite Taiwan’s strong performance, Indonesia’s cohesive team strategy and Davi’s exceptional play were decisive.

Davi’s outstanding performance earned him the title of Player of the Match. His 8-point contribution was instrumental in securing Indonesia’s win. This victory not only highlights the talent and preparedness of the Indonesian team but also sets a high standard for future international fullball competitions.

The match holds promising prospects for the sport in both countries. For Indonesia, it reinforces their position as pioneers and leaders in fullball. For Taiwan, the match offers valuable experience and a clear benchmark for future improvement. It is hoped that Taiwan will train even harder to challenge Indonesia in upcoming matches, fostering a healthy and competitive rivalry that will drive the growth and development of fullball globally.

This exhibition event serves as an inspiration and a call to action for athletes and sports enthusiasts to embrace fullball, showcasing its potential to become a major international sport. Both countries look forward to more thrilling matches, increased participation, and the continued evolution of fullball on the world stage.

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